Heidestrasse 50
10557 Berlin


Heidestrasse 50
10557 Berlin

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2018-12-15 21:00 Sat15Dec Sat15Dec Sat15Dec


To warm your ice cold heart - an evening of Drag, Performance, Live Music and Rave!

Aerea Negrot [BPitch control] | Evvol | MIKEY. | Hungry | Jacob Meehan [Buttons] | Budino [OSCILLATOR] | ONIO [Reif, Venganzza] | RYO [!!!] | Sasha Kills | ReveRso | Betty Fvck | Parisienne Sasazuka | Bambi Mercury | Nicole M'Pikole | Caddy Domplex | Absinthia Absolut | Yvonne Nightstand

The winter ball pushes to embrace and develop the narrative of how we experience and navigate Berlin nightlife, incorporating a broad spectrum of local and international talent.

Hosted by Olympia Bukkakis & Cheryl Offoffoff-Broadway

Loads More TBA!

Doors 20,00
Shows 21,00

Come Correct!

All Artwork by Belen Resnikowski

Sat15Dec – 21:00
2018-11-24 20:00-04:00 Sat24Nov Sat24Nov Sat24Nov


A cross-pollinated fashion event introducing 4 emerging designers from Berlin

Creative director: Tanja Bombach | Choreographer: Michael-John Harper | Sound designer: Mikk Madisson | Designer: Don Aretino, Maria Miottke, Olga Khristolyubova, Johanna Liebl | Hair&Makeup: Kenny Campbell | Light design: Rasmus Lauvring | Production & Technical director: Troels Primdahl | Video: Nikolas Kasinos & Jeremey Carne (Ouroboros) | Dancers: Lukas Städtler, Ty Gurfein, Ernst van Hoek, Daniel Schabert, Jules Boutet, Peer Liening, Stephan Quinci, Jessica Comis | Web-/Graphic design: Matthias Neumann | Photography: Florian Hetz | Presented and produced by Trauma Bar und Kino

TRAUMABARUNDKINO is thrilled to present the cross-pollinated fashion show NOW YOU MAY TELL THAT I'VE BEEN SEEN BY YOU, which brings together fashion and contemporary dance. Exploring the body and it’s movements, we merge the inner and outer expressions through an emotional approach to fashion. Four emerging fashion designers from Berlin showcase their varied, gender free collections in the intimate framework of a versatile and fluid performance.


The myth of Diana and Actaeon outlines this show - a venture into the conflicts inhabiting human nature at it’s most fundamental level.

The piece exposes primal human behaviour with the implicit price of being consumed by its intensity, as one gradually becomes a victim of their own drive. We explore the dimensions of voice as the only non-organic form of expression in the human body. We channel it’s raw power outwards. Exercising unprocessed, unfocused anger as creative liberation is an authentic form of shaping one's presence. Unleashed acceptance of raw aggression and its tones. Non-judgemental embrace of its potential.
As the inner struggle takes over the body, words become ranting, demeanour becomes rage – a fully rounded human being shines through in all its complexity.

Don Aretino invites a shift in perspective – investigating the fear of the unknown, he sets the viewpoint in an isolated space from which otherness is to be invaded, alienated. Solar, insular. Hybrid nomads evolve within islands of contemporary meaning and wonderment.

A complex labyrinth unfolds through the coloured glass of Maria Miottke’s vision as she creates composite identities based on narrative sequences of dreams where dimensions mingle and nature fools the viewer with patterns and designs.

How can we fight for things we believe in? What forms can strength and resistance take nowadays? How can our will to fight be born with the fact that we, and the whole world, are falling apart? Olga Khristolyubova’s work explores the symbiotic conflict of vulnerability and aggression through intertwining military functionality with the exposed nature of undergarments and bedding.

Shadows move, shapes come into sight – a fraction of inadvertance – and they’re gone. Johanna Liebl generates ‘aesthetics of disappearance’; ethereal forms, diaphanous membranes; mirrors, ungraspable glimpses of existence vanishing into a parallel world, into one’s own self.

Entrance: 10 € | Doors open: 20.00 | Show starts: 21.00 | Afterparty from: 22.00 TBA

Sat24Nov – 20:00-04:00
2018-12-01 23:00 Sat01Dec Sat01Dec Sat01Dec

Room 4 Resistance


Room 4 Resistance finds a new home at Trauma Bar und Kino, which gives them space to host experimental and ambient live and DJ sets for the first time. Who better than Karen Gwyer and rRoxymore to do the honors?

W/ chill-out rooms, an ambiant and experimental floor, a space for all women, trans and non-binary folks including a darkroom, video installation, VJ performances, unicorns, space for experimentations, ... +++

Line-up /
Altered Natives (Don't Be Afraid, EYE4EYE Recordings)
Club Fitness
Deena Abdelwahed (Room 4 Resistance)
Dirty Daddy Don (DUMP)
DJ Male Tears (Room 4 Resistance)
Karen Gwyer (live) (Don't Be Afraid)
LMGM (Room 4 Resistance)
Nurse Awake (Room 4 Resistancee)
rRoxymore IMPRO LIVE SET (Room 4 Resistance, Don't Be Afraid)
Scaarlet (NOSR - No Suit Records)
WAF (VJ & video installation)

Sat01Dec – 23:00
2018-12-08 23:55 Sat08Dec Sat08Dec Sat08Dec

Hunters. Gatherers.

w/ Inga Mauer • Nene H • J Tijn • AN-I

It has recently been proven that various forms of life exist outside of the Kreuzkoelln & Warschauer Strasse areas.
They say that if it exists, it is natural.
We invite all the hunters & gatherers out there to sharpen their spears and expand to a new off-the-beaten-path queer territory, complete with genre-bending sounds, darkroom(s) and all.

Fuck agriculture, let’s dance!

SAT08DEC 11:55 PM – SUN09DEC 10 AM

Sat08Dec – 23:55
2018-12-29 23:00 Sat29Dec Sat29Dec Sat29Dec

Room 4 Resistance [R4R]


ROOM 4 RESISTANCE is a Berlin-based queer femme / non-binary forward collective focused on community-building and creating safer space & visibility for underrepresented artists in Dance Music.

R4R runs parties, hosts radio shows, and curates panels to promote women, gender queers, non-binaries, trans, black and POC artists, to explore the political dimensions of the dance floor and to create bridges between different communities.

W/ chill-out rooms, ambiant and experimental floor, a space for all women, trans and non-binary folks including darkrooms, video installation, VJ performances, unicorns, space for experimentations... and more to discover on your own !

Please attend on RA 🔥

Dec 29 at 11 PM – Dec 30 at 12 PM

Sat29Dec – 23:00

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Freshly built in Berlin’s most central borough of Mitte, Trauma Kino is a fifty-five-seater paired to a dance and performance arts venue at Trauma Bar und Kino. Operated by a team of well-connected devotees, Trauma Kino showcases carefully handpicked documentaries cushioned by an assortment of feature films and shorts. A display of grit and insolence, ranging from mainstream obscurities to unapologetic flicks. Inbound phantom-vessel, crucible for interior revolt, flaming hornet dashing through the deluge, Trauma Kino unfastens the child-viewer’s clenched fist and takes him by the hand towards the promise of a good film.

2018-10-11 20:00 Oct18 Thu11Oct Wed03Oct–Thu11Oct

The Wolfpack (2015, USA)

"Six caged Mowglis raised by the movies come good in this buoyant snapshot of postmodern quarantine and breakout." (BFI)

| Crystal Moselle | "The Wolfpack" | USA, 2015 | 1h 30min |Tickets at the bar + online soon | Original version with English subtitles |

Trauma Bar und Kino is pleased to light up with Crystal Moselle's documentary film "THE WOLFPACK".

Wed03Oct – 20:00
Thu04Oct – 20:00
Thu11Oct – 20:00
2018-10-18 20:00 Oct18 Thu18Oct Wed10Oct–Thu18Oct

Europa (1991, DNK)

"On the count of ten you will be in Europa… Every breath takes you deeper, deeper and deeper." A mysterious and devilish plot, fever dream of postwar Europe.

| Lars von Trier; "Europa" (DNK, 1991), 1h 52min | Tickets at the bar + online soon | Original version with English subtitles |

Lars von Trier's EUROPA is the second movie presented at Trauma Bar und Kino.

Wed10Oct – 20:00
Fri12Oct – 20:00
Thu18Oct – 20:00
2018-10-25 20:00 Oct18 Thu25Oct Wed17Oct–Thu25Oct

Listen to me Marlon (2015, USA)

Dive into the deep thoughts and tales of Marlon Brando in this documentary based on the hundreds of audio tapes he recorded over the course of his life.

| Stevan Riley | "Listen to me Marlon" | USA, 2015 | 1h 35min |Tickets at the bar + online soon | Original version with English subtitles |

"Listen to me Marlon" is the second documentary and third movie presented at Trauma Bar und Kino.

Wed17Oct – 20:00
Thu25Oct – 20:00
2018-11-01 20:00 Nov18 Thu01Nov Wed24Oct–Thu01Nov

Bianca Nieves (2013, ESP)

"One day she ran away with a troupe of dwarves, and became a legend." Snow White is recast as a talented bullfighter in this wonderfully eerie and erotic silent film treat.

| Pablo Berger; "Bianca Nieves" (ESP, 2012), 1h 44 min | Tickets at the bar + online soon | Original version with English subtitles |
Wed24Oct – 20:00
Thu01Nov – 20:00
2018-11-08 20:00 Nov18 Thu08Nov Wed31Oct–Thu08Nov

Burden of Dreams (1982, USA)

An extraordinary feature-length documentary about the messianic German director Werner Herzog struggling against desperate odds in the Amazon basin to make his epic feature, Fitzcarraldo.

| Les Blank | "Burden of Dreams" | USA, 1982 | 1h 35min |Tickets at the bar + online soon | Original version with English subtitles |
Wed31Oct – 20:00
Thu08Nov – 20:00


more soon!