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6th November 2021

Trauma Bar und Kino is pleased to present the opening to Vermillion, a solo exhibition by Croatian-born Berlin-based Tea Stražičić.

Poster design by Nick Zhu

Trauma Bar und Kino is pleased to present Vermillion, a solo exhibition by the Croatian-born multimedia-artist Tea Stražičić (b. 1990). The exhibition shows for the first time large-format drawings and paintings by the artist, who has mainly worked in the fields of video art and animation until now. The individual works reinterpret the story Vermillion, which Stražičić co-authored with Nicholas Zhu, as an oversized graphic novel in exhibition format. In the story, the “horsemen of the apocalypse,” a chaotic group of friends on their way to a doomsday party, set out on a journey to deliver “Behemot” to an “Anti-Diluvian Club.” The characters are striking skeletal creatures who behave like vampires, while their appearances change as they travel through a surreal landscape of apps, add-ons, and architecture. Over the course of their journey, they gradually lose their sense of self as well as their need for self-determination and individuality. They come to understand individuality as a trap that humans have created for themselves, one that prevents real communication. Stražičić thus touches on broader themes such as individuality and individual self-determination. 
In addition to large-format drawings, paintings, and objects, the exhibition is also supplemented by an animated film from Ana Sagadin. Furthermore, the narrative of Vermillion is also presented in a calligraphic book-object, made by Jean-Baptiste Normand specifically for the exhibition. 
Curated by Madalina Stanescu. 

Performances by:

This Iranian 4-piece band bring their Oriental Funeral Doom to Trauma.
The band’s first concert on July 8th, 1999 was disrupted by Iranian Secret Police, with some members being arrested. In their earlier incarnation, the band was a black metal band, with their style changing as they reformed in 2016. Some of the instrumentation includes cello strings on electric bass through a guitar amp as well as a traditional Oriental string instrument, Sarangi.

A multi-instrumentalist, Olin Caprison composes, produces, and performs for all of VIOLENCE’s output. Their compositions are known for dissecting genres and dismantling historical hierarchies; not only through orchestration but also through lyrical content which merges personal narratives with meditations on the oppressive nature of history, the idea of genetic memory, the stigmas that would result from such an idea, and compassion.


This is a 2G event. No entry without vaccination pass or recovery document.

Gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien und der Initiative Musik