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Apologize to the Future
15th July 2023

‘Thank you for not breeding.’
- Rev. Korda

design //kylie

What if we stopped striving for gain, perfection and survival from inevitable doom and we started reflecting on our futile human habits. On July 15th 2023 we invite you to come escape our blind-sided worldview with us and do so dancing in a parallel imagination campaigning for human extinction…
For this very special summer program we present complementary cross-generational artists Chris Korda and Club Eat. Both artists channel their own signature vocal-driven club music respectively that counterbalances the course of contemporary culture by embracing our world’s ill-fated nature with a sense of humor and fearlessness.

Chris Korda
Berlin-based Chris Korda is a multimedia artist and punk icon, seamlessly combining her work as an electronic music composer, a software developer and an antinatalist activist. With the title Reverend Korda of the Church of Euthanasia (which she co-founded in 1992), her music addresses the detrimental ramifications of self-centered human activity on the earth; ecologically, economically and otherwise. Launching onto the music scene in 1993 with her renowned release Save The Planet, Kill Yourself, this year marks her 30-year-spanning career. The copious facets of Korda’s practice will be seen in this unique event which starts with her performance Apologize to the Future, a recitation of the lyrics of her iconic 1999 album of the same name in front of a real-time population counter. To close the event, Chris Korda will perform a 2-hour live set of the multitude of her original dance music, both classics and new releases.

Club Eat
Consisting of frontwoman Ren G and producer Chicken, electro-clash duo Club Eat are taking New York City night life by storm with their memorable live sets. Having released their debut album START this May, they ventured towards a narrative pop sound that unpicks the perils of contemporary life from internet obsession to materialist fashion absurdities. Their most personal project to date, the rising stars offer a flirty and sassy voice to club-goers worldwide; a new road map for a metropolitan attitude through DIY-glam and next phase hyperpop. This will be their much anticipated debut Berlin performance, contextualized in and contrasted with the work of veteran Chris Korda who paved much of the way for electronic music artists who hold alternative worldviews today.

Join us for an unforgettable evening to catch these juxtaposed performances with lyrics to ruminate on and music to dance to; illustrating a milestone trajectory of queer perspectives and progressive voices in experimental electronic music.

If your personal situation doesn’t allow you to afford a full-priced ticket, please contact us directly no later than 1 day before the event: reduced (at)