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Blind Eternities — MTG Workshop & Tournament
5th March 2022

Trauma Bar und Kino opens their gates for a day of quests in the world of Magic: The Gathering.

Design by Adrienne Kammerer

Spellcasting Novices and Apprentices are invited to explore the legendary card game in The Wizards’ Workshop; Masters of the Craft are challenged to prove their skills in The Spellcasters’ Tournament. Furthermore, those brave enough to join the spectacle will be encouraged to partake in an otherworldly feast of wondrous potions and regenerating cakes.
Free entry for non-participants!

The Wizards’ Workshop

Start 17:00

  • For the Novices of the Craft. Protected from the evils of this world, a safe haven is created for you to gain, train and refine your spellcasting abilities. The Workshop will provide basic knowledge of the history and key mechanisms of the Game, its turns and its phases, in order to prepare you for a round of Friendly Battles during which you will be able to test your newly acquired skills. Tournament-quality decks will be provided by the Conductors of the Occasion.
    Capacity 20 persons; registration necessary; pre-made deck included in workshop price.

The Spellcasters’ Tournament

Start 18:00

  • For the Masters of the Craft. A challenge of skill calls upon those who deem themselves capable of effectively casting and countering spells, and who trust they will persist on the battlefield without further aid. Remain vigilant in the course of this PvP tournament and endure some fateful hours if you seek to be rewarded splendidly. Participants are asked to bring their own decks, the tournament format is Historic Brawl. Peculiar, thematic prizes await those who are victorious.
    Capacity 20 persons; registration necessary. Historic Brawl is an extension of the Brawl format, but allows a deck using any non-banned cards from any edition. Brawl format information:

Presented as compliment to Liminal Bridges, a group show curated by Synchron Magazine and directed by Trauma Bar und Kino. The exhibition will be on view during this event.

This is a 2G + event. No entry without vaccination pass or recovery document and same day negative antigen test.

Design @adrienne.kammerer
Cakes @adrienne.kammerer
Text @ringolukas