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Crit Club - A Performance by Cem A
16th March 2024

Crit Club is a performance by Cem A. where speakers debate an unrealistic question about art. We are often stuck between the binary of praise and non-engagement in the art sphere where people are increasingly hesitant to inhabit spaces of disagreement.

Crit Club hopes to create a room where open disagreements can occur to foster a more critical culture.

In the context of this performance, participants are humorously invited to engage in what could be termed a contextual performance—a departure from their usual roles as artists or curators, aimed at broadening their perspectives and bolstering their influence within their community. As the performance progresses, guests are challenged to navigate uncharted waters through roleplay and quick thinking, grappling with existential inquiries such as:

Does their expertise illuminate the issue at hand, or does it falter in the face of adversity? Can they uphold their understanding of art world dynamics in a doomsday scenario? Do they embrace the given scenario, or do they seek to defy the confines imposed by the moderator?

By proposing an impossible-to-answer question, Crit Club creates a situation where ostensibly there’s nothing at stake – or so it seems.

Doors 19:30

First debate by Kate Brown and Ahmet Öğüt

Interlude by
Jules Boutet and Stanislav Pershanovskyi

Second debate by Moshtari Hilal and Abbas Zahedi

Reception with dj music

Scenography and production by:
Madalina Stanescu
Troels Primdahl
Matei Cioata
Xavier Perrone

Visuals by Cooper Lovano

Free entry