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From the throat to the dawn
20th January 2023
21st January 2023

A place emerges, holding us as a whole and at the same instant as many intimate, social and political fragments.
 An affective landscape envelops us in the skin of a futuristic fantasy awaiting a belated renaissance. 
A place where we are not just political concepts, but emotional landscapes, where the skin is as thick as a body itself and as fragile as the liminal space between chants. Where our bodies of rage – our transformative power, create substances of tears, sweat and voices to quench the earth’s thirst.

For this performance that unfolds deep into the night, Sorour Darabi draws on Trauma Bar und Kino and invites a number of artists to participate in an experiment of a wider group project in constant metamorphosis. As it was for Scheherazade, the night here becomes a space for resistance and the invention of stories becomes a survival matter. From the sunlight to moonlight the endless cycle is a negotiation between extremes. What takes us to the dawn?

Concept and Direction Sorour Darabi
Performance by Petra Hermanova, Bella Báguena, Djibril Sall, Detente, Li-Yun Hu, Pablo Altar, Sebastian Abarbanell and Sorour Darabi
Due to unforeseen circumstances Ange Halliwell will not be able to perform this week-end, we are deeply sorry for this last minute change.

Lighting Design Shaly Lopez
Scenography Concept Alicia Zaton
Scenography Realisation Annalise Van Even, Erik Felfalusi, Matei Cioata

Curation and Production Pierre Renard
Production Support Jana Ewaldsen, Annalise Van Even
Technical and production support from Daniel Cerny, Carlos Pablo Villamizar, Giovanni Allegro, Nicolas Rosero, Pax González, Pierre Auradon, Simone Antonioni, Veslemoy Rustad Holseter

Artwork Herwig Scherabon
Graphic Design Yan Petris (Aprojectby)

Doors 20:30
Performance 21:00 to 2:00
Guests are free to come and go during the performance.

By entering the space you agree to be potentially filmed and photographed in the crowd.
This performance will use strobe light which can affect photosensitive people. Our venue is wheelchair accessible, to organise your visit please reach us at