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Hysteria Vox | Nu Jazz, Lord Spikeheart, Teresa Riemann
22nd May 2024

Trauma Bar und Kino presents Hysteria Vox, a sequence of cathartic vocalities featuring artists Nu Jazz (US), Lord Spikeheart (KENYA) and Teresa Riemann (GER)

Flyer by @9avrilova

‘Hysteria’, a category describing emotionally excessive behaviour, was invented to rationalize unknown disorder as early as ancient Egypt. Symptoms include tonal instability in the voice and semantic discontinuities; vocal performances that harness disruptive raw emotion and the disorder of our stream-of-conscious.
On May 22nd, Trauma Bar und Kino presents Hysteria Vox, a sequence of cathartic vocalities from an international array of artists. Nu Jazz (US), Lord Spikeheart (KENYA) and Teresa Riemann (GER) gather in one evening of psycho-sonic stunts with physical commitment and daring chaos.
Covering noise, punk, jazz and club tropes, expect a boundary-less musical vanguard with eruptive sonant forces. Inner-monologue projections of Hysteria Vox.

“the narrative voice struggles to contain, through form, the confusions of its utterance” - Claire Kahane, Passions of the Voice

Nu Jazz
NYC’s most transgressive and mysterious supergroup, Nu Jazz, synthesizes a decade plus of six unique, yet naturally interconnected musical journeys. Some members have spent years in New York City’s experimental electronic scene, while others have dedicated the bulk of their musical lives pursuing what we call “Jazz”. Despite disparate influences, all are bound by a profound appreciation for musical frontiers that have yet to be explored, creating that which defies the limitations of genre. The artists constituting the collective “Nu Jazz” have performed all over New York City, the United States and the world with their respective groups such as Deli Girls, Murderpact, CGI Jesus, Ex Wiish, Beshken, WRENS and The Beak Triol, sharing festival stages with luminaries like Jaimie Branch, Tomoki Sanders, Leya, Poncili Creacíon, Aquiles Navarro of Irreversible Entanglements and many others. Their debut record “Vol. I” combines the sound of NYC electronic hardcore, unrestrained free improvisation, and sample based modular synthesis techniques influenced by featured collaborator and keyboardist Jason Lindner of Bowie’s “Blackstar Orchestra”. Vast electronic soundscapes, extraterrestrial vocal textures and open improvisation submerged in raw punk swagger sets Nu Jazz apart from the rest.
Dan Orlowski [Deli Girls] on vocals
Kevin Eichenberger [The Beak Trio/CGI Jesus] on bass
John Bemis [Murderpact] on drums
Ben Shirken [Beshken/Ex Wiish] on electronics
Ryan Easter [Wrens/The Trap Music Orchestra] on trumpet
Adam Turay [The Narcotix] on Guitar

Lord Spikeheart
Kenyan vocalist, lyricist and producer Lord Spikeheart, best known as the live wire frontman of the electro-dystopian grind band DUMA, has announced his debut album The Adept via TVYM, first official single that The Fader Magazine describes as “a thrashing industrial cut, with Khanja’s possessed barks and hellacious roars set to a bruising beat by Japanese producer Saionji BBBBBBB that attacks from all angles”.
Building bridges between the African heavy music, and the international electronic and metal scenes, Lord Spikeheart has made a name for himself as a formidable force in the game pushing back genre categories and stretching limits to the extreme.
The debut solo LP The Adept will be released on his own imprint Hekalu on April 19th. For this new joint he hooks up with various producers and artists from the bass n’ shred universe and promises to bring a telluric big bang in sonic experimentation.

Teresa Riemann
Teresa Riemann (*1988 in Dachau) lives and works as a performance-artist, musician (compositions / improvisations: drums, piano, voice) and writer since 2012 in Berlin. Since 2010 she has been organizing and staging numerous concerts, readings and performances from Poland to Tunisia. Forging an outlet via the Berlin Noise scene, she explores the light in the shadows of subconsciousness in an endurance performance of solo drum madness, intriguing vocals and effects.
A mesmerizing combination of convulsive percussion and trembling noise walls, the almost exploding landscapes are being held together by the eclectic use of a fragmented voice, spontaneously reciting scraps of the living memory of humankind.
Aside from her solo projects on drums and piano she plays in the groups Naked in the Zoo, TRAS and Shake the Train.

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