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'Mist' screening & Japanese Poetry Reading
14th April 2024

Mist, a film by Damien Jalet in collaboration with Kohei Nawa & Rahi Rezvani.

The screening of the film with be forerun by a short Japanese poetry reading by Dove.

Mist marks the NDT debut by the Belgian-French choreographer Damien Jalet, whose creations tend to be visually stunning, kinetic, and thought provoking. Jalet created Mist, a multidisciplinary dance film, in close collaboration with Japanese visual artist Kohei Nawa and videographer Rahi Rezvani. 

Metaphoric and metamorphic, Mist was created in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic and captures a sense of surrendering to its ambient bluriness, while finding a transcendent beauty that plunges the viewers into a hypnotic like state. Following Jalet’s and Nawa’s critically acclaimed pieces VESSEL and PLANET [wanderer], Mist uses the confrontation of bodies with different materials to reveal the constant shape shifting nature of life, and to explore a liminal space between science and mythology. Mist is inspired by the phenomenon of fog banks that are often associated with the Netherlands, where the film was created and shot, and explores the ephemeral space between reality and mirage through a physicality that recalls the dynamics of evaporating, condensing, and falling water. Using various kinds of fog through Nawa’s interactive and minimal set, the eighteen nearly naked dancers of NDT 1, interact, fuse, appear and disappear through fumes that evoke at times fire, underwater volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, waterfalls, clouds, rivers, or snow avalanches. Additionally, the work tends to evoke the style of Italian Renaissance paintings, and in particular the Leonardo da Vinci technique of « sfumato » that blurred the boundaries of the subject and its surroundings. Inspired by different myths about the transmigration of the souls after death as well as Japanese Shinto beliefs, Jalet’s visceral, carnal yet ghostly choreography takes a new intimate dimension through the lens of Iranian cinematographer Rahi Rezvani and light design by Urs Schonenbaum.

“Filmed with a razor-sharp camera, the fog is almost palpable. The texture of the dancer’s skin has been portrayed in an exceptionally fine manner.” – Trouw

Concept / Choreographer / Film director Damien Jalet
Concept / Set design Kohei Nawa
Executive Film Director / Cinematography Rahi Rezvani
Associate Choreographer Aimilios Arapoglou
Performers Chloé Albaret
, Fay van Baar, 
Jon Bond, 
Lydia Bustinduy
, Isla Clarke
, Donnie Duncan Jr., 
Scott Fowler, 
Surimu Fukushi
, Boston Gallacher, 
Nicole Ishimaru
, Madoka Kariya
, Amanda Mortimore, 
Paxton Ricketts
, Yukino Takaura, 
Luca Tessarini, 
Lea Ved, 
Tess Voelker, 
Nicole Ward
Light Urs Schönebaum
Costumes Sruli Recht
Music Christian Fennesz
Rehearsal Assistants Tamako Akiyama, Lucas Crandall, Ralitza Malehounova
Assistant to Costume Designer Flavia Bon (design technician)
Color and Post Production Rahi Rezvani
Camera Assistant / Post Production Egidio Levendale
Grip Tim de Heer
Artistic Director Emily Molnar
Managing Director Willemijn Maas
Senior Manager Commercial Affairs Joost Poort
Manager Planning & Touring Linda de Boer
Company Manager NDT 1 Maarten van Herwijnen
Coördinator Touring & Music Lara Meeuwissen
Technical Director Eric Blom
Technical Production Coördinator Joost van Hilten
Technical Production / acting Stage Manager Dennis van Geest
Technical Production Jonas de Vries
Michiel Schnelle (trainee)
Cue Master Jolanda de Kleine
Light Technician / Floor Manager Barry van Oosten
Light Technicians Gerben de Snoo
, Lisette van der Linden
Set Sound, Sound Editing Niels Mudde, 
Thijs Scheele
Projection Content, Projection Design Niels Duursma
Projection Content Kasper van der Horst
Stage Technicians Pieter Offringa, 
Dave Staring
, Joël Wolf
Costume Realization
Manager Costume Department
Costume Makers
Yolanda Klompstra
Nikki Reid
, Zosia Trebacz
, Roos de Boer
, Marie-Anne van Eijk
, Suzanne Galama
Dressers Isabel Blokland, 
Roos Mikx, 
Sabine Moojen
, Josje Ottevanger