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Moving and Writing Through Vulnerability
11th February 2023

Introducing our new Durational Movement Workshops, a series of explorative events through movement practice, writing, contemplating, studying and bonding.

Our first workshop “Holding Each Other: Moving and Writing Through Vulnerability” will take place in the dance studio on Saturday February 11th, from 11:00-17:30 by Sorour Darabi, oxi pëng and Saura.

We invite you for a journey to create a collective experience of sensing and communicating with various forms of vulnerability that we have encountered in our terrestrial lives. Throughout the five hours, we will dive into the ‘wounds’ through a portal of our body, eat a little piece of each other’s vulnerability and transform it into bubbly manifestos while holding each other like we used to do when we were child-like animals.

Being vulnerable entails many things, explained and experienced occasionally, secretly, (in-)visibly, pretending to be casually, yet profoundly, painfully, poetically, politically…in many ways by you, by me, by withering pine forests in the alps, by the world’s last white giraffe, by us. Perhaps one may easily relate vulnerability to ‘injury’, ‘hurt’, ‘scar’, as the word derives from latin vulnus, meaning ‘wound’. It is, at the same time, also a riddle, a code, a texture, a fugitive sensuality, a cup of spicy tears, a never heard nocturne…and more importantly, a call for actions.

Sorour سرور develops his own dance and singing techniques around testosterone. “Sometimes when I have a high testosterone, walking in the social spaces is very difficult, I feel my connection with the outside is literally through my anus. Dancing on testosterone has the same feeling, singing too. Anus is maybe one of the most vulnerable organs of the body, because of its nature itself but also all social-political aspects that it could evoke. How could we turn this vulnerability into a power? A sensual, physical & creative power.”

With oxi pëng we will discover how to write is to be vulnerable, as the process of writing is inherently naked, sensual, and thus bodily.

it requires a certain psychedelic sensitivity to notice attentively, listen quietly, smell openly, sense radically, to see with eyes closed, to shimmer as if dancing on the tips of ocean waves, like magic —so that we, the sublunary (non-/less-/more-than-human) creatures, may symbiotically cohabit on a piece of paper in between letters, symbols, memories, bodies and poetries.
this workshop is a space for such a cohabitation to take place:
we may be vulnerable together;
we may cuddle the vulnerability that each of us carries through cultivating our sensibilities;
we may collectively discover a form of speech for our vulnerability to mutter and chirp;
we may become that very vulnerability which has the potential to blossom into a blissful superpower, guarding us while traveling through the scars, the wounds, the pains (with less fear)
— as an exercise for the futures.

Saura will close the workshop with basic yoga postures, opening both the hip and heart, as well as a meditation to scan the body and give ourselves the opportunity to reflect on how we are feeling post workshop. We will end with a longer savasana and sound bath from a koshi chime.