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Paris Aden presents First To The Future EU Tour
30th July 2022

Texas-based producer Paris Aden collaborates with Trauma Bar und Kino for the highlight of her ‘First To The Future’ EU Tour.

Flyer by @babybrusher

Bringing her First To The Future events from Texas to Europe this summer, Paris Aden is turning heads as the young up-and-coming artist on the trap scene. Joining Paris from Houston is close collaborator Lunitik Novae; also rocking the stage is Colombian punk metal 4-piece band Desintegración Violenta and vibe-manager Ike on the 1’s and 2’s in between. The event will feature a pop-up skatepark built by @doomedblues (open to all skaters) and will climax in a 2-hour dj set by Paris Aden herself.

Paris Aden’s First To The Future

Desintegración Violenta

Lunitik Novae

20:00 Doors
21:30 Desintegración Violenta (live)
22:00 ike. (dj)
23:30 Lunitik Novae (live)
00:00 Paris Aden (dj)

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