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Trauma Yoga "Vibrations"
24th June 2023

Join us for another Trauma Yoga Special, this time we are transforming Trauma Bar und Kino’s club floor* into a vibrant yoga haven . 
In this class, we invite you to embark on an active meditation journey under the expert guidance of Saura. We will explore both physical and introspective aspects of the ‘Vibrations’ on a special playlist that will resonate with this theme. Our sound system and lighting will envelop you in a captivating atmosphere, from shadow to solar feeling, culminating in the final resting pose of shavasana.

Remember to bring your own yoga mats! Booking via Fitogram or USC

Teaching @yogawithsaura
Host @nanave
Lighting design @shalopez__

Trauma Bar und Kino is at the same address than Trauma Tanzstudio*