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Villainous Legacies II - Connection Fails
12th April 2024

Can queer dating transcend?
Frank Ripplohs 1980’ film „Taxi zum Klo“ drags us into a a seemingly pre-historic heaven- and hell-scape of West-Berlin, a city like a rotten island. We dive into the promiscuous queer culture in the aftermath of the emancipatory fights of the 70s, yet before HIV/Aids, fueled by the power of cruising.
In a heterosexist world, gay relationships are occasionally at the brink to surrender and pushed to form new models. In the second part of the evening, queer punk icon Krista Papista will do an anarchic musical attempt to re-imagine the poetics of coupling in Taxi zum Klo.

Photo credit: Isotta Giulia Acquati
Curated and hosted by Justus Karl Heitzelmann
Production and design by TRAUMABARUNDKINO

Doors: 19:30

Taxi zum Klo, Dir. Frank Ripploh
Germany, 1980, 91 min
German (original version with English subtitles)

Krista Papista
Krista Papista is an artist/ music producer born in Nicosia, based in Berlin. Papista’s work engages in developing and queering politically induced Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Balkan Pop and Euro Trash EDM. Papista explores how music, performance and reinvented versions of artefacts can act as subversive counterpoints to homogeneous, nationalist narratives and the creation of one’s hagiographic universe.

Justus Karl Heitzelmann

Justus Karl Heitzelmann is a researcher, producer and curator who embraces the spectacle and tries to get a hold of the power of death upon life. He has a deep interest for the archives, as an archeology of the self, yet of the community, and as a mode of making the ephemeral tangible. Recently he has collaborated with Boros Collection, Schwules Museum, Kunstverein Göttingen, GSL Projects and Whole Festival, as well as alongside Caique Tizzi for HAU Berlin, Julia Stoschek Collection, Neue Nationalgalerie and Kunstverein München, after pursuing studies at Humboldt University in Berlin and Goldsmiths, University of London.