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27th May 2022

Second of our web69 series - Y’all already know how we get down from the first, ‘xcept we about to up the level with heavy-spitter Cakes Da Killa, hyperpop engineer Sonikku and Motherloading’s supa-dupastar DJ Soulseek keeping all vibes in check. Get your crew inside for the ride boo <3

Flyer by @beelzebaby_

Cakes Da Killa

East coast rap veteran Cakes Da Killa brings their signature hip hop with a ballroom twist to Trauma Bar und Kino. An instrumental figure for early wave queer rap, Cakes has a whole new oeuvre of hits (Muvaland Vol 1 + 2) produced by house head Proper Villains that will knock you straight out ya boots!! Don’t just come for a taste, come for the whole CAKE!


Lobster Theremin signee and resident at London’s Adonis parties, Sonikku will make their return to Berlin for this special web69 function. Producing hits with hyper-popstars LIV and SOPHIE, Sonikku engineers their own sound of glossy grooves with pulsating bass lines. Channeling Minogue and a lil Britney, Sonikku is the DJ that will make you say, ‘SONIKK - UUUUUHHH!!!!’

DJ Soulseek

Not to be missed! Hailing from Manchester, Berlin-based DJ Soulseek will tie together the night with a whole bag of flavor! Mother at MOTHERLOADING their vibe managing is through the roof. Peep their mixes doing the rounds leaving everybody in their wake hot, sweaty ‘n’ satisfied.

Your hostess with the most-est, local icon: Asia-James

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